Marcin Komenda for “Wprost”: Playing with such players is pure joy

Marcin Komenda for "Wprost": Playing with such players is pure joy

Marcin Komenda played a full game in the match between Poles and the Dutch (3-0). Shortly after the meeting, he answered a few questions for “Wprost”.

May 24 is the birthday of two Polish volleyball players who played almost full-time. These are Marcin Komenda and Aleksander Śliwka. The former could feel like he was in charge of the national team's game. And it must be admitted that he gave a positive signal towards coach Nikola Grbic.

– Everything worked out really well. It's nice that it's specific on your birthday, but it's important that it's just in the long run. We won 3-0, before the match I dreamed that it would end like this. This is a great gift that came true on my birthday. I couldn't have dreamed of a better birthday, Komenda admitted happily after the match.

The “silent hero” of the Polish volleyball team against the Netherlands

It is worth adding that in the match against Canada, Grzegorz Łomacz showed a solid performance, apart from the first set. Komenda, the unsung hero, also maintained his level against the Netherlands, which gives the Polish coach a wide range of choices.

How does the quarterback fit into the tactical systems offered by coach Nikola Grbic?

– It's getting better. I definitely had to learn them a bit at the beginning, because not every trainer has such systems, and not every trainer uses them. I seem to be getting better at it every week. However, it will definitely take time before it becomes automatic. The further into the forest, the better I understand it. I try to follow all the assumptions and instructions we have as best as I can, said the volleyball player, who is the captain of Bogdanka LUK Lublin.

Marcin Komenda: “The most important thing is the good of the national team”

Which volleyball player does the Komenda cooperate with the best during several days of work, both in match and training conditions?

– It's hard for me to name one. Each member of the Polish national team is a phenomenal player. He has proven this many times in the past, so I would just have to point out the entire team. They really are phenomenal guys, volleyball players, so it's a great pleasure to play, as we did today, for a long time. And be able to enjoy the game, because playing with such players is pure joy – said the volleyball player.

It is worth taking a look at the schedule of the match between Poles and the Dutch. Although the European champions had a statistically worse reception than their opponent (40 to 45 percent positive to unfavorable), Komenda activated various zones of the game. He used both wingers and midfielders. He added four point blocks himself.

Śliwka (16) scored the most points for the Poles, followed by Szalpuk (14) and Kochanowski (12). Jakubiszak and Butryn each added six points, Bołądź added a point less – although at the distance of one set with a tiny piece.

How does the Command assess its chances of going to the Olympic Games?

– Whatever decisions the coach makes is his role. Every decision will have to be respected. Whatever happens, the good of the national team always comes first. Only this is important. It's hard for me to say what my chances are for the Olympics, but this is not the place or scope for me to talk about it.

Poland – Slovenia. When and where to watch the last Polish match in Turkey?

The last match of the tournament in Turkey for the Poles will be a match against Slovenia (Sunday, May 26, 1:00 p.m.).

The Poles' matches can be watched on Polsat Sport and TV4. Additionally, the volleyball team's matches are available online, e.g. via the Polsat Box Go platform.

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