Minister Buda packed the litter box. He takes the cat from the ministry

Minister Buda packed the litter box.  He takes the cat from the ministry

Marcelina – a cat who lives in the Ministry of Development and is moving out with the current minister, Waldemar Buda. Until recently, the head of the ministry wondered what her fate would be. Looks like she found a new home.

Waldemar Buda said goodbye to the Ministry of Development. In Mateusz Morawiecki’s new government, he was replaced by Marlena Maląg, the previous head of the family ministry. However, someone else will disappear from the ministry. Marcelina the cat, who was the ministry’s mascot, is moving out with the former minister.

The minister takes the cat

– When I came, I already said that I was ready to leave at any time. The only thing is that I have a cat, Marcelina, at the ministry and I’m wondering what’s next for Marcelinka. I brought him from Łódź from a shelter where he lived in very bad conditions, and today his conditions are very good – Waldemar Buda, former Minister of Development and Technology, recently said on Polsat News.

It seems that the friendship between Marcelinka and the minister will last more than one term. “It’s time for us,” Waldemar Buda wrote on the X platform and posted a photo of himself holding a packed box under his arm and a cat in his arms.

Morawiecki’s chances

Although Law and Justice received the greatest support in the elections, it does not have a majority in the Sejm, which means that the new government of Mateusz Morawiecki has little chance of obtaining a vote of confidence. Morawiecki himself admitted on Friday in an interview for Salon24 that he estimated the chances of success of his mission at only 10 percent. However, this does not prevent him from building the composition of his third government, which is quite a difficult mission, because few people want to have on their CV a position in the shortest-functioning cabinet in the 21st century.

The only minister who remained in his position is the head of the Ministry of National Defense, Mariusz Błaszczak. Minister Marlena Maląg also remained in the government, but she replaced the Ministry of Family with the Ministry of Funds and Regional Policy.

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