Eloquent words from Patryk Peda. He commented bluntly on the draw with Moldova

Eloquent words from Patryk Peda.  He commented bluntly on the draw with Moldova

Patryk Peda is one of the few players of the Polish national team for whom the past training camp was individually successful. In the post-match interview, he expressed his feelings after making his debut in a T-shirt with an eagle on the chest in front of his home crowd. He pointed out something important.

The situation of the Polish national team in the table of Group E of the European Championship qualifiers is very difficult. Winning the match against the Czechs is an obligation, but they will also have to count on a favorable arrangement of the remaining matches. Patryk Peda had two not-so-worse debuts, but he won’t remember the match against Moldova well.

Patryk Peda is not satisfied with the result in the match against Moldova

The match with the Moldovans ended in a 1-1 draw, so the Reds and Whites made it very difficult for them to advance. Patryk Peda admitted that he was disappointed that they did not manage to win, especially since they had many opportunities to score the winning goal.

– Nobody is happy with such results. This is sad news for both us and the fans. Nobody is happy, we will have to work more. Bitter news, because the result is a draw, and we had many similar situations. Stupidly missed goal from a set piece. Moldova moved back, played with five in the defensive line and then sent long balls. That’s how they were prepared. We try to prepare for every set piece, every opponent and every situation, but unfortunately sometimes such things happen – said the defender in front of TVP Sport cameras.

“The most important thing is the team”

Patryk Peda is undoubtedly Michał Probierz’s greatest discovery and we can be sure that we will see him during the next training camps.

– Ultimately, the most important thing is the team, not the individual. Winning would be much better and I won’t be as happy as I am after winning. I’m happy with my debut in front of my home crowd, but the team’s victory would be even more satisfying – he added.

When asked if he felt embarrassed by the situation in the Polish national team, he replied that he felt proud to represent the country.

– No, no one would think like that when you play for the national team and the country. I think it’s a huge honor, I’m happy to be here. It’s not easy anywhere. The situation is difficult, we will have to win the next match, we will see who we will meet and what will happen in the group – he concluded.

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