Donald Tusk published a new recording. “Everyone march!”

Donald Tusk published a new recording.  “Everyone march!”

Donald Tusk posted a recording online, inviting you to participate in the Warsaw march. Lofty slogans were uttered.

“Everyone march!” – wrote Donald Tusk on the X website (formerly Twitter). The leader of the Civic Platform also published a video showing crowds with Polish and EU flags. There are also banners with slogans that attack the current government, including: “PiS = expensive” and also “Jark, it’s over.”

Donald Tusk is fighting for attendance at the march. “This is our time”

The short invitation to the march that will take place on October 1 in the capital of Poland includes Donald Tusk’s statement from the demonstration that took place on the streets of Warsaw a few months ago, on June 4. – Thousands of people with Poland in their hearts who did not let themselves be broken. Don’t be afraid, no one will drown us out today – said the PO leader then.

– We stand to fight evil, face to face, to hold this power to account. So that Poland will be free again – from lies, hatred and theft. This is our time. We will meet in Warsaw on October 1 at noon, said Donald Tusk, inviting Poles to participate in the next event. – This is Poland – he concluded.

Parliamentary elections 2023. What do the polls show?

The campaign before the parliamentary elections has entered a decisive phase. Poles will elect their representatives in the Sejm and Senate in less than a month. In public opinion polls, Law and Justice enjoys the greatest support, but the result obtained does not guarantee the possibility of exercising independent government.

Invariably, the Civic Coalition is in second place, and even after joining forces with Third Way and the Left, it could not be sure of obtaining a parliamentary majority. There are many indications that the Confederation will prove to be the key after the elections. However, both PiS and KO firmly deny the possibility of entering into a possible coalition with this party.

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