The host of “Contact Lens” exploded on TV. “Ignorant people will buy it”

The host of "Contact Lens" exploded on TV.  "Ignorant people will buy it"

Tomasz Sianecki did not hide his emotions on air. The journalist used strong words.

“Contact Lens” has been attracting thousands of viewers for over 19 years. The program, in which the hosts comment on current political or social events in a humorous way, is very popular. Moreover, fans of the format appreciate that they can personally take part in the discussion via text messages or by phone directly to the studio. However, in one of the last episodes of the production, an unusual situation occurred and the conversation took a slightly more serious tone.

Tomasz Sianecki couldn't stand it in “Contact Lens”

In one of the last episodes of “Szkło kontaktowe”, the hosts touched on the famous topic of Tomasz Szmydt, a Polish judge who asked the Belarusian authorities to grant him asylum. Minister of Justice Adam Bodnar noted that the man was associated with the Law and Justice party, while members of this party claim that the judge appeared on TVN and was an informant for “Gazeta Wyborcza”.

– Actually, we don't know whose it is. Now he is Lukashenko, but whose was he before? – commented Tomasz Sianecki.

Then, TVN24 broadcast a statement by PiS MP Waldemar Buda, who spoke on this matter. – TVN's pet, a pet of the mainstream media, turns out to be an agent or collaborator of the Belarusian or Russian services today. Very interesting. He appeared at the state many times, he was a star, he was an authority who talked about the rule of Law and Justice. Today I understand that it is no longer very convenient for the state, said the politician.

His words angered the TVN journalist. Tomasz Sianecki did not hide his emotions and consequently exploded on TV. He vehemently explained why Judge Szmydt appeared in the station's material. – Ignorant people will buy it. This is just a bunch of pasta, it's just such a lie. And all the politicians from that side say exactly the same thing, he began.

– The whole point is that when Mr. Szmydt actually came to us, he came to us as the hero of the reportage, but here the hero does not mean that he is someone positive, but that he is the main character, the axis of the reportage. He wouldn't have come to us if he hadn't visited them before, added Tomasz Sianecki.

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