“Polish Jew” stands behind Grzegorz Braun. Who really is Adar Bluemnstein?

"Polish Jew" stands behind Grzegorz Braun.  Who really is Adar Bluemnstein?

Grzegorz Braun, justifying his anti-Semitic act, referred to the words of “Polish Jew” Adar Blumenstein, who supported the MP’s actions. However, it turns out that the parliamentarian’s ally may be a hoax.

Adar Blumenstein, known to Internet users as the “Polish Jew”, published a video on his social media profiles in which he praises Grzegorz Braun’s anti-Semitic act in the Sejm. His recording was eagerly shared by many supporters of the Confederation, and even the antihero of recent days, Grzegorz Braun.

“I would like to thank Mr. Adar Blumenstein for this material and for putting coffee on the bench, and I encourage you to listen and pass it on,” the MP wrote.

The words of the “Polish Jew” were also referred to by former Confederation MP Dobromir Sośnierz on Polsat News. “The Polish Jew is happy with what Braun did. I applaud him. Is this Polish Jew also an anti-Semite?” – asked Braun’s former colleague from the parliamentary benches.

Is “Polish Jew” a hoax?

However, everything indicates that “The Polish Jew” is only an acting portrayal of one of the supporters of the Confederation. An online investigation into this matter was conducted by one of the most inquisitive Twitter users, JE Gramota. It turns out that Adar Blumenstein is actually Jakub S., who has appeared in police paradocumentary series.

“Since yesterday, ‘Polish Jew’, which supports the actions of Grzegorz Braun, has been breaking popularity records. The video is being shared en masse by Confederate activists, including Braun himself. Meet Adar Blumenstein, or rather Jakub S., an activist of the Young for Freedom,” we read in the entry of a hunter who debunks fake news.

HE gramota, recalled numerous recordings of “Polish Jew”, in which he openly supports the Confederation, including the recording of the song “Hava nagila”, in which he called for the appointment of Janusz Korwin-Mikke as king. But the work of the “Polish Jew” also includes other works. Created by the actor Adar Blumenstein, he talks about conspiracy theories, including: about the “Heavenly Jerusalem”, which would be built in place of Ukraine and become a new home for all Jews.

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