Designers recreated the apartments of the iconic “Friends”. This is what they would look like in 2018

Designers recreated the apartments of the iconic "Friends".  This is what they would look like in 2018

Members of the Modsy startup took a closer look at the apartments of the characters of the cult series “Friends”. Interior designers decided to slightly refresh the rooms known from the series and adapt them to modern trends.

“Friends” is an American comedy series about a group of friends living in Manhattan, New York, shown in the years 1994-2004. The series has been shown in over 100 countries. The last episode in the United States was watched by 51.1 million viewers. During its ten years of production, it received 7 Emmy Awards, including Best Comedy Series, as well as a Golden Globe, two Screen Actors Association Awards, 56 other awards and 152 nominations. Many fans “Friends” he knows every episode, every scene and can repeat almost all the jokes.

The creators of the Modsy startup, which deals with interior design, decided to move the apartments of their TV series friends to 2018. The designers took into account contemporary interior design trends. And so Joey’s apartment took on an austere character. Shades of gray dominate the room. The sofa is the central point of the apartment. There was also a dartboard in the room. The designers also changed Rachel’s apartment. In the new version, it is decorated in shades of white, gray and powder pink. In the living room connected to the kitchenette, you can find many fashionable accessories that match the colors of the apartment’s interior.

Modsy members also took a closer look at Monica and Chandler’s apartment. The room with purple walls went down in pop culture history and will certainly be recognized by every fan of the cult Friends. In its modern version, only the door remains purple. The rest of the apartment is decorated in a much more subdued style. However, the designers did not forget about some characteristic elements, such as a jar for homemade pickles.

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