“Our new home.” The children lost their mother and Mr. Dariusz lost his wife. The team transformed the home of a grieving family

Are you waiting for new episodes of “Our New Home”? We would like to remind you of the metamorphosis of the house in Goszczyn, which was undertaken by the team led by Katarzyna Dowbor. A family that experienced a huge tragedy received a chance for a better life.

In the 236th episode of the “Our New Home” program, Katarzyna Dowbor helped Mr. Stanisław and his two children – 13-year-old Kamil and 11-year-old Wiktoria. The three of them lived in a house in Goszczyn, near Grójec. Some time earlier, the family had lost the most important person to them – their mother and wife. The woman contracted tuberculosis and delayed going to the doctor. When she was in a very bad condition, the rescuers who arrived at the scene found that she had a dead lung. The children last saw their mother in the hospital.

The family of three could not recover from the tragedy and lived in difficult conditions. The building was uninsulated, the old sheet metal on the roof was leaking, and the only source of heat were goats. The electrical installation also left much to be desired and endangered the lives of household members. The house was also not connected to the sewage system.

The crew of the “Our New Home” program got to work, and Katarzyna Dowbor sent her family on vacation. You can see the effects of the home transformation in our gallery.

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