Dante’s scenes in the stands during HMP. Piotr Lisek promised help to Ewa Swoboda

Dante's scenes in the stands during HMP.  Piotr Lisek promised help to Ewa Swoboda

The course of the Polish Indoor Championships was interrupted for a moment by Ewa Swoboda’s pursuer, who was in the stands. Piotr Lisek commented on what happened. The pole vaulter promised to help his friend.

The Polish Indoor Championships took place last weekend. The best athletes in our country came to Toruń once again, including: Ewa Swoboda, who won the gold medal in the 60 meters. However, more than about her achievement, there is talk about the non-sports situation that took place.

Dantesque scenes with the indirect participation of Ewa Swoboda

After the elimination race, the sprinter noticed Sebastian Urbaniak in the stands, whom she accuses of harassment. The athlete immediately reported it, and after a while the man who started fighting with security was taken out. – What can I say? It’s a difficult situation, but I hope these photos will go viral on the Internet. I didn’t see all this. The case has been referred to a lawyer and we are waiting to see how it will be resolved, said the Polish representative.

– This is not worth our attention… I am a public figure and I have to take this into account. I understand if someone is a fan, but this person is just crazy. It doesn’t break me, added the 26-year-old.

Piotr Lisek commented on this situation

Recordings of this event circulated on the Internet. One of them was received by WP SportoweFakty journalists. Piotr Lisek commented on this whole situation. Let us remind you that the pole vaulter won another gold at the Polish Indoor Championships. TVP Sport journalists asked the athlete whether he is mentally ready to fight for the highest goals, either at the World Indoor Championships, which will take place on March 1-3, or at the Olympic Games (July 26 – August 11).

– Mentally, I’m so ready to take people out of the stadium like I did last time. Also Ewa Swoboda, I greet you, and if necessary, we will act as bodyguards. Lisek is physically and mentally prepared, he assured.

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