The great rival appreciated the Polish volleyball players. What words about the White and Reds!

The great rival appreciated the Polish volleyball players.  What words about the White and Reds!

Simone Giannelli has faced Poles many times, both in the club and the national team. The Italian playmaker appreciated the class of our players and pointed out the greatest advantages of the White and Reds. What words!

Simone Giannelli is one of the best playmakers in the world. The Italian usually plays for Sir Susa Vim Perugia, which also includes Polish representatives Kamil Semeniuk and Wilfredo Leon. The former has been doing very well since the start of the competition and contributed to the team winning the Club World Championship. Unfortunately, the European Championship MVP is struggling with a knee injury, which will keep him sidelined for some time.

Simone Giannelli on relations with Wilfredo Leon and Kamil Semeniuk

The rivalry between Poland and Italy, whether in national or club competitions, is always exciting. In an interview with “Przegląd Sportowy”, Simone Giannelli revealed his relationship with Poles. – I am very pleased with how Kamil has been doing recently and how he performed in India. He always puts a lot of effort into what he does and trains really hard. Besides, Semeniuk is a nice, nice person, he admitted.

The Italian national team playmaker also revealed whether he talks to Wilfredo Leon and Kamil Semeniuk about the competition between national teams? – We rarely talk about our national teams. However, I can say that Poland only has advantages, it has no weaknesses, he emphasized.

– They are a very strong team, which is not a coincidence and ranks first in the FIVB ranking. I think it’s better than other teams right now. It is very difficult to win against her, he added.

Simone Giannelli appreciated the class of Polish volleyball players

Among other Polish players, the volleyball player spoke only highly of Olek Śliwka and Marcin Janusz. – I am sorry that Aleksander Śliwka was injured. I keep my fingers crossed for him and hope he recovers quickly, he said.

– Marcin has improved his skills and I believe he has become one of the best playmakers in the world. I admire him. He will go down in history both with the club and the Polish national team – he concluded.

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