Dangerous event in the Canary Islands. The ship hit a rock and began to sink

Dangerous event in the Canary Islands.  The ship hit a rock and began to sink

The ship El Majorero, which was carrying passengers from Fuerteventura to Lobos, ran aground. Due to contact with the rocks, its bottom cracked and it began to sink. There were 47 passengers on board.

A few weeks ago, the media circulated information about a catamaran that was attacked by sharks. There were men on board who wanted to circumnavigate the globe. Unfortunately, the boat began to sink as a result of the attack. Fortunately, the travelers managed to save themselves.

Now, an equally dangerous incident has occurred off the coast of one of the islands belonging to the Canary Islands archipelago. The ship, which was sailing from Fuerteventura, ran aground just off Lobos. Its bottom was damaged and cracked. The boat began to sink. There were several dozen passengers on board.

Accident in the Canary Islands. The ship began to sink

The El Majorero ship, which takes passengers from Fuerteventura to the island every day, partially sank off the coast of Lobos. There were 47 passengers and 5 crew members on board. Fortunately, there were no casualties.

The boat ran aground and its glass bottom cracked. The incident occurred in a shallow area. The travelers were evacuated and the partially submerged ship was refloated. After the operation, it was towed to La Concha beach and then taken to the port of Corralejo on Fuerteventura. The units that provided assistance also checked whether there were any leaks of any substances polluting the water.

Course of the accident

El Majorero was staying near La Concha Beach on Lobos Island as part of a tourist trip. Approx. time. 14:25 it landed in the shallows and collided with rocks that broke its glass bottom. There were 47 passengers and five crew members on board, who were not injured. Everyone was evacuated and taken to the coast on the ship Celia Cruz, which was also making the same journey.

The ship was towed a few days later when sea conditions permitted. The maneuver was coordinated by the Council of Fuerteventura, the Council of La Oliva, the Government of the Canary Islands and the General Administration of State.

A rescue vessel was responsible for towing the ship to the port of Corralejo. All the fuel had to be extracted from El Majorero to prevent it from leaking into the sea.

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