This is why the former world champion did not join Apator. Surprising details

This is why the former world champion did not join Apator.  Surprising details

Jason Doyle could ride in For Nature Solutions KS Apator Toruń in the upcoming season. It is known why the activists did not sign him.

Jason Doyle is known for frequently changing clubs in Poland. There was a lot of talk about the Australian before the 2023 season, when he had a preliminary agreement with Fogo Unia Leszno, but he was tempted by a newcomer from Krosno with more money and eventually landed there. Later, when he came to Leszno in the first league round, the local fans gave him a warm welcome. Ultimately, however, at the end of the competition, Doyle had no reason to be satisfied. Not only did it lower its level, but the Krosno team was also relegated from the PGE Ekstraliga.

The players were asked about their opinion on Doyle

As reported by the WP SportoweFakty portal, For Nature Solutions KS Apator Toruń was investigating the possibility of signing Jason Doyle. There was even talk about this possibility. If the plans to sign the Australian came to fruition, Paweł Przedpełski would have to say goodbye to the squad in Toruń.

It turns out that among the most important players (Emil Sajfutdinow, Robert Lambert) there was a debate whether it was worth going after the individual world champion from 2017. However, they were not very open to it. Activists also decided that it was better to give Paweł Przedpełski another chance.

As you can see, it wasn't just about finances for the 38-year-old. The current speedway players of Apator and the authorities decided that it is not worth reaching for Doyle when he has a difficult character and, moreover, does not guarantee such high points as a few years ago.

He was warmly welcomed in Grudziądz

Jason Doyle eventually became a player of ZOLeszcz GKM Grudziądz. He was even named team captain. It seems that he will feel very good there, because apart from him there are two Australians in the team – Max Fricke and Jaimon Lidsey. Perhaps, however, Doyle's team will once again be involved in a fight for relegation. In previous years, the Grudziądz team was often in the bottom half of the table and it is likely that it will be the same now.

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