Legia party in Lubin. Zagłębie had no arguments

Legia party in Lubin.  Zagłębie had no arguments

Legia Warszawa confidently won against Zagłębie Lubin 3-0 in the away match of the 17th round of the PKO BP Ekstraklasa. Kosta Runjaic’s team had been waiting for a league triumph since the beginning of November.

Legia Warszawa, which was going through the worst moments in the PKO BP Ekstraklasa, needed a victory to erase the bad impression of recent weeks. In turn, the Lubin team won only one in the last six league games, which put them in a bad situation. They will also not be able to count the match against the Military as a success.

Zagłębie in shock. Two quick blows from Legia Warszawa

Zagłębie Lubin could not have started this match worse. Already in the second minute, Weirauch made a tragic mistake when shooting Augustyniak from a distance and Legia took the lead. The joy of the goal did not last long, because two minutes later Radovan Pankov… scored to make it 2-0! Josue played the free kick cleverly, passing it flat to Muci, who crossed it into the penalty area, where the Serbian defender was most alert.

Shocked by the start of the match, the Lubin team rushed forward, but they could not find a way to break through the defense of the capital team. Tobiasz caught the ball for the first time in the eighth minute, when the hosts started pressing and staying in the visitors’ penalty area more often. A moment of advantage for Waldemar Fornalik’s team could have ended with a goal in the 17th minute, when Pieńko put the ball in the net, but earlier he was in an offside position.

Intense first half for both teams

Legia did not rest on its laurels and looked for new opportunities. The closest to success was Kramer, who was stopped by the goalkeeper after an action by Muci and a pass from Wszołek. The referee blew his whistle, indicating that the Albanian was offside. The action moved to the other side. Zagłębie scored a corner, which created confusion in the penalty area, but without a contact goal. The military launched a counterattack.

The Pendulums were looking for Kramer in the penalty area, but the ball did not reach him. After another Lubinian attack, Pankov successfully intervened twice, and in the 38th minute, Kłudka received the ball from the right side and ran with it into the penalty area. He looked for a shot at the long post, but he missed it and the hosts were still waiting for the first shot on target. After a while, Tobiasz’s goal was dangerous again, but neither Kurminowski nor Pieńka were able to take advantage of the situation. Halftime 0-2.

Legia Warszawa did not rest on its laurels

The second half did not start the same as the first. The first dangerous situation had to wait until the 49th minute, when Kramer fouled Wdowiak near the sixteenth mark and Zagłębie had a free kick. Buleca hit the wall, only winning a corner. Tobiasz continued to keep a clean sheet and Legia started attacking. Weirauch went far in front of the penalty area to get ahead of Kramer and lost the duel, but did not concede a goal despite the empty goal. Zagłębie’s defense made more and more mistakes.

One of them turned out to be disastrous. Kun entered the penalty box, trying to cross the ball into the middle, and then Kłudka touched the ball with his hand, and the referee whistled a penalty kick, which Josue converted, although Weirauch was close to saving it. From the 64th minute, the scoreboard showed 0:3 for Legia Warszawa. Just five minutes later, Wszołek could have scored goal number 4, but this time the Lubinian goalkeeper turned out to be better. A similar situation occurred after a corner kick, but this time it was Kramer who missed the volley.

Zagłębie Lubin lost to Legia Warszawa

Both Waldemar Fornalik and Kosta Runjaić changed their teams’ elevens. In Zagłębie, Munoz and Chodyna replaced Kurminowski and Pieńka, and Strzałek and Gil Dias replaced Josue and Wszołek. The Copper team played a very nice action, after which Dąbrowski crossed the ball to Munoz, who missed the shot by centimeters. Literally a few dozen seconds later, the Spaniard wasted a 100% chance and shot past the post again. The hosts tried their luck after a free kick, but Augustyniak did well in defense.

Mróz and Bohar also had a chance to improve their results, replacing Buleca and Wdowiak. In the last minutes, the Military team spent more time in their own half, repeatedly repelling attacks by Zagłębie players. Rosołek and Lejczyk also appeared among the guests, replacing Elitim and Muci. After three added minutes, the referee ended the match, so the Legionnaires added three points in the PKO BP Ekstraklasa table.

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