Tomasz Hajto claims that he is a “full sucker”. He would like to tear it to pieces

Tomasz Hajto claims that he is a "full sucker".  He would like to tear it to pieces

Tomasz Hajto gave an interview on the “Antyfacts” channel, in which he spoke sharply about one of the founders of the Sports Channel. – A complete loser – says the former Polish representative, who would like to tear him apart.

Tomasz Hajto is one of those people in Polish sport who polarize the environment. Some love him, others hate him. The former Polish representative also has opponents in the football world, as he said in an interview on the “Antyfacts” channel.

Tomasz Hajto about friendship with Mateusz Borek

One of the people with whom the 52-year-old was once friends is Mateusz Borek. However, it is no secret that the former player of Schalke, Górnik Zabrze or ŁKS Łódź had a dispute with a well-known commentator, although it was never officially explained why. However, as it turns out, there is no conflict between the ex-footballer and the journalist.

“I’ve said it several times… Thirty years of friendship can’t be thrown in the trash can.” “Mati” lives her own life for the moment and I have no problem with that. I wish him the best for the health of him and his family. We had beautiful moments together and we have our secrets that will never come to light, because we are not slobs from the street. And we have such secrets that really … I would add Piotr Świerczewski, Tomek Iwan, Jacek Bąk … It was a team, as they say, lambada. It was happening – said Hajto.

Tomasz Hajto hates this journalist

The Clout MMA star, however, has a much worse opinion about another founder of the Sports Channel, although he did not want to mention him by name.

– The fact that with “Mati” we have a different view on various things does not mean that we will puke at each other. He works where he works. He started some kind of populist TV where I don’t like one person. She has no rules. Full sucker. He slaps his tongue a lot and I’m sure he has a hundred percent more enemies than me. I don’t like people who create their popularity and business by f***ing people. He’s the type of guy who destroys, blocks and hates people. He hired people who spread hate online. I would tear it apart, and it’s not just me – concluded Hajto.

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