They are cheating again using the BLIK method. The victim lost PLN 48,000. zloty

They are cheating again using the BLIK method.  The victim lost PLN 48,000.  zloty

A modified method of the popular BLIK scam has appeared in cyberspace. The young woman lost 50,000. PLN, the police are investigating the case.

Follow the rules of caution when online

For a very long time, not a day has passed without reports of another wave of fraud on auction sites, frauds through fake phone calls and SMS messages, and various attempts by cybercriminals to gain access to our bank accounts.

We live in times when, in order to use the Internet safely, we must be extremely vigilant at every step. One young woman learned this the hard way when she had just lost a lot of money, perhaps even all her savings.

The fraudsters impersonated a bank employee

The incident occurred only a few days ago, on Thursday, January 18, 2024. According to the District Police Headquarters in Gniezno, a message was sent to the phone of one of the residents of the Gniezno district (Greater Poland Voivodeship) with false information about alleged suspicious changes to her bank account. The woman was contacted by a person impersonating a bank employee and informed her that he suspected an attempted fraud on her account. In this way, he gained the trust of his victim.

What happened later is the so-called a classic of the genre, because when trying to steal money from someone’s bank account, the modus operandi of cybercriminals is always very similar. The woman provided the fraudster with her sensitive data, which was supposedly used to recover the lost funds, but in fact, no theft had taken place yet.

BLIK method

This is where the popular BLIK method comes into play. The victim, advised by fraud, confirmed a transaction in the amount of PLN 18,000 on her phone. PLN with BLIK, and then took out a loan for PLN 30,000. PLN because she believed the fraudster, who at that stage was still impersonating a bank employee, that he was cooperating with the police and that these activities were necessary to carry out the operation to capture “real” criminals. Following the fraudster’s next advice, the woman went to the nearest ATM and deposited the money she received as a quick loan into a fake account, again using BLIK.

In this way, the injured party fell victim to the BLIK scam and, unfortunately, lost the amount of PLN 48,000. zloty. Forever? The case is now being handled by the local police, but in such cases, cybercriminals use numerous safeguards that make it virtually impossible for law enforcement agencies to reach the perpetrators and recover the stolen money.

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