Changes in issuing visas to this holiday paradise. The process will be more difficult

Changes in issuing visas to this holiday paradise.  The process will be more difficult

Oman, which is becoming an increasingly popular destination for tourists, is changing its visa policy. Due to this, some people will experience difficulties.

Europeans can enter many countries by presenting an ID card or passport. They often do not have to apply for a visa, which makes the departure process much easier. Unfortunately, this does not apply to all countries, and some countries also change their policies. Oman joins this group, which has recently been experiencing a real tourist boom. The authorities of this Middle Eastern region have decided to change the issuing of visas. However, this will apply most to people who want to work in Oman.

Oman changes its visa policy

Oman suspends policy of converting tourist visas to work visas. The decision came into force on October 31 and marks a major change in the country’s immigration laws.

Until now, people visiting Oman could enter the country initially on a tourist visa and then convert it to a work visa. This process enabled individuals to seek employment in Oman. Now it won’t be that simple anymore.

The Royal Oman Police posted a statement on Twitter:

“As part of the review of rules for obtaining certain types of visas, it is announced that the conversion of all types of tourist and visit visas to work visas will be suspended for all nationalities arriving in the Sultanate of Oman.”

The new policy means travelers are now required to obtain work visas from their home country before arriving in Oman.

Illegal work in Oman

The Omani authorities had to make such a decision after what happened here with the employment of foreigners in recent years.

Over the past two years, at least 300,000 workers have arrived in Oman from Bangladesh. However, the labor employment situation in the Middle Eastern country is currently not in a good state. Many Bangladeshi citizens went to Oman, spending a lot of money, but were unable to find suitable work, so they took up illegal work.

In this context, Oman has banned the issuance of visas to Bangladeshis to put an end to the misuse of such documents. The decision entered into force on the last day of October. Bangladesh ambassador to Oman Nazmul Islam intends to discuss this issue with the country’s authorities.

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