Buda about “0% Loan”. A surprising declaration

Buda about "0% Loan". A surprising declaration

If the “0% loan” proposed by KO comes into force on March 1, 2024, there will certainly be funds for the “2% safe loan” by the end of February. enough – said Minister of Development and Technology Waldemar Buda on TVP 1. The politician admitted that he would support the introduction of such a loan.

The “0% loan” for the purchase of the first apartment is one of the “100 specifics for 100 days” announced by the Civic Coalition during the election campaign.

Buda on support for the “0% Loan”

The Minister of Development and Technology was asked today on TVP1 about the introduction of such a loan. Waldemar Buda said that if someone believes that a “0% loan” will stimulate the market and facilitate access to apartments for young people – “let them introduce it”. Buda admitted that he would “raise his hand” for this solution. In his opinion, the 0% loan should enter into force on March 1, 2024.

– We have fulfilled the “2% Safe Loan”. It is working beautifully: 27,000 contracts have already been concluded, i.e. apartments have already been purchased, 62,000 applications, which means this mountain has already been removed from the market in terms of demand – said the head of the Ministry of Development and Technology in the “Political Quarter” program.

Buda admitted that the increase in loan applications is “relatively smaller” than it was at the beginning. – Now these increases are half of what they were in August. Therefore, it is expected that these contracts will be implemented this year – said the TVP1 guest.

Loan from March?

Buda emphasized that the funds will certainly be enough until the 0% loan is introduced. – If we are talking about March 1, 2024, there will certainly be enough funds by the end of February. Today, out of PLN 947 million, approximately PLN 500 million has been used, so approximately half of the funds have been used in this instrument. We have a big pillow here – said the Minister of Development and Technology.

– We are waiting to see if this 0% loan. will be implemented or not. Everything indicates that it should be from March 1, 2024, so a smooth 2%. it should go to 0%. – added.

On November 1, four months passed since the introduction of the “2% Safe Credit”. This loan may be applied for by persons who are under 45 years of age on the date of submitting the loan application, however, in the case of persons running a household together, it is sufficient that one of them is under 45 years of age (provided that both of them are parties to this loan agreement). . A person taking out a housing loan and persons belonging to his or her household cannot have ownership rights to a residential premises or a single-family house before the date of its granting. A loan with subsidized installments can be granted in a maximum amount of PLN 600,000. PLN in the case of borrowers who run the farm together with their spouse or when the borrower’s household includes at least one child, in other cases – up to a maximum of PLN 500,000. zloty. A loan with subsidized installments may be granted without the borrower’s own contribution or with an own contribution not exceeding PLN 200,000. zloty.

Data from the Polish Bank Association show that the average value of a contract concluded under the “Safe Credit 2%” program is approximately PLN 400,000.

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