A sensational declaration by Russia. They want to organize the football EURO

A sensational declaration by Russia.  They want to organize the football EURO

Since the outbreak of the war in Ukraine, Russia has been deprived of the right to play in international competitions under the aegis of FIFA and UEFA. Despite this, the local authorities see a chance to organize the European Championships. According to Secretary General Maksym Mitrofanov, the country may recruit the best football players from the Old Continent in 2036 or 2040.

The outbreak of the war in Ukraine changed the functioning of the world in many areas of life. As in other industries, Russians found themselves censored in sports. FIFA and UEFA quickly deprived them of the right to play internationally. This applies to both representative and club competitions.

Russia wants to organize Euro 2036 or 2040

The fact that the world’s resistance is still great is proven by the situation in recent months, when UEFA decided to restore Russia’s youth teams to the game. The helmsmen of many football associations on the continent reacted quickly, including the head of the Polish Football Association, Cezary Kulesza. After deliberations, the European organization withdrew from the controversial idea.

However, the Russians still believe that they are able to organize large events, but the “current political situation” stands in the way. The secretary general of the Russian Football Federation, Maksym Mitrofanov, said that his country would be able to host the best teams in Europe during Euro 2036 or 2040. The eastern country tried to apply to host the European Championship in 2028 and 2032, but the UEFA Executive Committee firmly rejected their requests.

– Our applications were rejected not for formal reasons, but due to the current political situation. This exact phrase was used. However, the next European Championships will be held in 2036 and 2040. We are able to organize such a tournament and we can officially submit our candidacy at any time, said Mitrofanov, quoted by matchtv.ru.

Russians are confident when it comes to organizing big events

Mitrofanov argued that Russia is still ready to host the next World Cup (it organized it in 2018) because no country in the world will do it better than them.

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