“Break-in tourism” in California. Foreigners raid luxury homes

“Break-in tourism” in California.  Foreigners raid luxury homes

Foreign scammers come to the United States to rob wealthy villas. The state's attorney warned the property owners.

California is known for its beautiful sandy beaches and high cliffs, numerous national parks and iconic cities like San Francisco and Los Angeles. Local estates often belong to the richest citizens of the United States. Luxury villas on the oceanfront turn out to be extremely problematic. At the beginning of the year, owners were afraid of landslides that could wipe their houses off the face of the earth. Now state officials are warning residents of another serious problem.

“Break-in tourism” in California

The US Visa Waiver Travel Program covers 41 countries around the world. Thanks to this, tourists can easily cross the border into the United States. Todd Spitzer, a member of the Republican Party, district attorney in Orange County, California, believes that such a model brings danger to the owners of luxury villas, which are robbed by fraudsters posing as tourists. The politician pays attention primarily to Chilean citizens who have joined the program and can stay in the US for up to 90 days without the need for a visa. There has been an increase in burglary cases across the state in recent months. Los Angeles police even created a special task force to combat transnational crime after arresting a 17-year-old Chilean and two of his accomplices following a series of burglaries in the Pacific Palisades neighborhood.

They are waiting for the homeowners to leave

According to authorities, some foreigners travel only for the purpose of daring theft. “They use equipment that disrupts Wi-Fi networks and expensive security systems. In some cases, officers caught them hiding in the bushes and waiting for homeowners to come out so they could sneak inside,” the Fox News article said. Thieves have a prepared plan, which usually starts with the second floor of apartments, where residents are less likely to install alarms on doors and windows. “These are not crimes by the way. These are carefully calculated and planned attacks on what should be our safe place – our homes,” says the American politician, who warns residents against a disturbing trend and blames President Biden's administration for its lack of action.

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