Aversion to tourists is growing. Restaurant guests in Spain unpleasantly surprised

Aversion to tourists is growing. Restaurant guests in Spain unpleasantly surprised

The residents of the Catalan capital are fighting against mass tourism. They made this clear during weekend protests.

Anti-tourism protests have begun to spiral out of control. The demonstrations that took place in Barcelona last weekend have turned into a full-blown battle. Residents pulled out water pistols and began attacking tourists sitting in restaurant gardens. The capital of Catalonia is another Spanish city that has recently become a venue for anti-foreigner marches. Just a week ago, we could see similar scenes in Malaga.

Protests in Barcelona. Tourists unpleasantly surprised

Media across Europe are buzzing with the events that unfolded on the streets of Barcelona last weekend. Spain has once again seen protests against overtourism. This time, residents, in addition to banners with anti-tourist slogans, also armed themselves with water pistols, which they poured on surprised customers at nearby restaurants. The crowd gathered eagerly chanted, “tourists, go home.” Some foreign guests were unable to leave their hotels because the entrances to the buildings were blocked off with tape.

Ban on renting apartments

The conflict escalated dramatically shortly after the mayor of Barcelona confirmed the introduction of a total ban on Airbnb rentals. However, the new regulations will not come into force until 2028, and residents are already expecting radical changes. The popular holiday city is struggling not only with high rents, the prices of which have increased by another twenty percent this year, but also with uncertain water resources. These may not be enough to meet the needs of visitors during the peak months of the tourist season. Such a situation occurred last month in Italy. “In Sicily, hotels were forced to refuse guests entry because they could not guarantee sufficient running water in bathrooms and toilets,” we read.

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