Strict rules for tourists. They will apply to all beaches in this country

Strict rules for tourists.  They will apply to all beaches in this country

The president of France wants to fight the bad addictions of tourists. He proposes a new solution thanks to which all beaches in the country will be protected.

Emmanuel Macron’s government proposes introducing new rules on cleanliness in public places. Thanks to them, areas such as beaches, parks and forests will be free from annoying smokers. The strict law aims to make the first generation in Europe’s modern history completely tobacco-free by 2032.

Restrictions on all beaches in the country

Currently, there are over 7,000 places in France where smoking is prohibited. They will soon be joined by new beaches, forests and parks. The smoking ban will apply in all popular tourist areas. The changes will certainly worry those who cannot imagine their holidays without smoke. However, the strict law will be a godsend for tourists who currently suffer from sharing the recreation area with smokers. The government’s actions are caused by the recently launched anti-smoking campaign.

We know when the regulations will be introduced

According to The Sun, the regulations are to come into force at the beginning of the new year. The proposal for a ban was presented by Aurelien Rousseau, the French Minister of Health. At this point, the amount of fines for those who decide to break the new regulations has not yet been determined. The law will also cover all types of popular e-cigarettes.

Europe has been going to war with smokers for several years. Spain has already introduced a ban on smoking on some beaches, and liberal Amsterdam has announced serious changes to smoking marijuana. This may mean another breakthrough comparable to the one that years ago marked the introduction of a ban on the use of tobacco inside bars and restaurants. What once seemed difficult for many to accept has become a respected norm. Perhaps soon exposing vacationers to unwanted smoke on nearby deckchairs will be considered a faux-pas similar to smoking on an airplane today.

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