Tragedy on an Alpine slope. A 35-year-old Polish woman died

Tragedy on an Alpine slope.  A 35-year-old Polish woman died

The woman suffered significant injuries as a result of the fall. The victim was not helped by immediate resuscitation. The tourist’s body was taken away by helicopter.

Austrian media report the death of a Polish tourist in the popular Zillertal Arena ski resort in Austria. The woman was skiing down the red slope, but she unexpectedly lost control of her skis and fell from a height of about 10 meters. This is another dangerous incident in Tyrol recently. In December, a cable car unexpectedly broke down in the town of Hochoetz, and four tourists inside were injured.

A Polish woman’s accident in the Zillertal Arena

The incident took place in the Zillertal Arena winter resort in the municipality of Rohrberg. The ski resort in the heart of the Tyrolean Alps has 163 kilometers of ski slopes and 50 ski lifts. One of them was a 35-year-old tourist from Poland on Saturday, January 13. The woman took the red route number 11, which runs from the Rosenalm cable car station down to the valley. Around 1:10 p.m., the Polish woman lost control while sliding down a steep slope and fell into the abyss. “The woman fell from a height of about 10 meters into a steep forest area, fell several times and finally fell with serious injuries in the snow between roots and stones,” we read in the Austrian news website

The woman’s body was taken away by helicopter

Medical services were immediately called to the scene and began resuscitating the injured person. The helicopter, which was assigned in the event of an urgent need to transport the injured tourist to hospital, was used to transport her body. It is not known whether the woman came on winter vacation alone or with her family.

In the case of serious ski accidents, even having appropriate protection in the form of a helmet does not completely protect us from injuries. It is worth starting your adventure with this extreme sport on straight slopes with a slight inclination. There are at least 8 places in our country that are famous for their interesting locations and good conditions.

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