A European country wants to subsidize holidays. This also applies to foreign tourists

A European country wants to subsidize holidays.  This also applies to foreign tourists

Spain has decided to take a step that will make traveling much easier for people of a certain age. It intends to subsidize holidays for retirees. This applies to both the inhabitants of the country and the foreigners who live there.

Pensioners in Spain will receive a benefit that many can only dream of. The government intends to provide this group of people with holiday subsidies and encourages other European Union countries to do the same. It turns out that not only Spaniards will benefit from it, but also foreigners living in this country.

Spain will subsidize holidays

Millions of older people – both Spaniards and foreigners living in Spain – qualify for subsidized trips. For short holidays they can receive EUR 115 and for longer holidays EUR 455.

Introduced in 2021 by the Spanish government, the benefit has become increasingly popular since the increase in travel following the Covid-19 pandemic.

What is the Spanish subsidized holiday program IMSERSO? The Institute for Aging and Social Services (IMSERSO) is the government agency responsible for managing social services. One of its main goals is to make traveling easier for older people in Spain.

The idea is that by helping retirees take affordable holidays, their health and quality of life will improve, which is of course better for the welfare system as a whole. The program also benefits the economy and the tourism industry. Most of the subsidized trips are expected to take place in the off-season – usually from October to June – which means more people will be employed in the industry for longer periods.

The IMSERSO tourism program contributes to the promotion of an active lifestyle among older people, while fostering intergenerational solidarity, job creation and economic activity.

Who qualifies for a grant?

Good news also awaits members of the large emigrant community in Spain – one of the largest in Europe. Not only Spaniards can take advantage of the tours – legal foreign residents can also do so.

The following people can apply for the program, regardless of whether you are a resident of Spain or an expat:

• You are retired and receive a Spanish public pension

• You are 55 years of age or older and receive a pension or widow's pension

• A person aged 60 or over and receiving unemployment benefits or subsidies

• A person aged 60 or over and holder or beneficiary of the Spanish social security system.

However, submitting an application does not guarantee admission. The government gives priority to older people, people with fewer financial resources, people with disabilities and people from large families.

What type of holiday does the program cover? Most trips take place within Spain, with a small portion also taking place in Portugal.

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