You can increase your pension. You just need to submit additional documents

You can increase your pension.  You just need to submit additional documents

Some retirees have the opportunity to increase their benefits through a pension recalculation. To use this option, you must provide additional documents.

Retirees born before January 1, 1949 may be eligible for a recalculation of their benefits. Their pensions were originally calculated under older rules which may no longer be adequate. ZUS may recalculate the amount if the application is accompanied by appropriate proof of work or remuneration from before retirement.

Additional PLN 500 per month

ZUS emphasizes that providing additional documents may significantly increase monthly benefits, up to PLN 500. However, it is important that the documents presented have not already been taken into account before, because only then will the conversion be possible.

In addition to providing additional documents, there are other methods to increase your pension. The amount of the benefit also depends on the moment of submitting the pension application. Every year, on June 1, ZUS indexes contributions, which means that people submitting applications in the second half of the year may receive higher benefits. It is worth submitting an application and providing all necessary documents to make the most of the available options. Additional income can significantly improve the quality of life of retirees, so it is worth taking advantage of these opportunities.

Widow’s pension

The government announced the long-awaited pension reform aimed at improving the financial situation of widows and widowers in Poland. The new regulations, which are to enter into force from January 2025, provide for a number of significant changes in the support system for people who have lost their spouses.

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