Black Hawk helicopter incident. Gen. Szymczyk awarded the pilot? He is supposed to have a higher pension

Black Hawk helicopter incident.  Gen. Szymczyk awarded the pilot?  He is supposed to have a higher pension

The former Chief Commander of Police, General Jarosław Szymczyk, was to increase the service allowance of a policeman who piloted a Black Hawk in Sarnowa Góra. Afterwards, the machine suffered significant damage, the repair of which was estimated to cost the police approximately PLN 2.4 million.

The incident took place in August, in a small town in Masovia, near Ciechanów. Black Hawk flew during a picnic organized on the occasion of the 103rd anniversary of the battle fought in 1920 (during the Polish-Bolshevik war).

The breaking of the rope caused panic among onlookers

The incident was filmed by several people. One of the video materials was shared on Facebook by the City Reporter. “The police helicopter cut the cable of the high-voltage poles. (…) People fled in panic,” he reported on the onlookers' reaction. “There were no casualties or injuries among spectators,” he reported. However, the cable fell, among others. for cars.

The RMF FM radio website reported at the beginning of February that the police – after asking Polskie Zakłady Lotnicze Mielec (Podkarpacie) for a detailed description of the damage and repair estimates – received information that 11 elements were damaged in the Black Hawk (including the blades). main rotor). The repair will cost PLN 2.42 million.

This money, for restoring the helicopter to operational condition, will not qualify for insurance reimbursement, so the renovation will have to be financed by the police from the property budget. The police were to deprive the Black Hawk pilot of three months' salary for the damage caused. In mid-January, the headquarters announced the commencement of repairs, which are to be completed in May 2024.

The pilot may even face criminal liability

As RMF FM unofficially reported on March 4, the pilot later submitted a report on his retirement. Then, General Szymczyk was to raise his salary by 50%. service allowance. “This increase amounted to PLN 1,500. zlotys. This means higher pension benefits,” we read. “Such a move is a reward that automatically increases the uniformed pension” – explains “Gazeta Wyborcza”. The radio also reported unofficially at the beginning of February that the pilot had already retired.

The proceedings regarding the incident that occurred during the picnic are still ongoing (started by the District Prosecutor's Office in Ciechanów and continued by the District Prosecutor's Office in Płock). It is not known how it will end, but the police pilot may even face criminal liability. As the radio station found out, the Black Hawk crew was aware of the fact that there had been a collision during the flight. “Nonetheless, she flew away,” we read.

In this context, the prosecutor's office is investigating whether the crew complied with the procedures. Some experts claim that instead of returning to the base, we should make sure, among other things, what damage occurred.

Płońsk. Black Hawk caused damage to private property?

Last year, Radio ZET also reported another incident that occurred at the end of October. During the operation of the Central Police Investigation Bureau near Płońsk (Masovian Voivodeship), which involved the liquidation of an illegal cigarette factory, Black Hawk allegedly caused damage to one of the properties belonging to a high state official.

Garden furniture was allegedly damaged. There were also pieces of broken glass. The official was to report to the police for compensation – in the amount of PLN 15,000. zloty.

Black Hawk – what kind of machine is it? This is an American transport helicopter powered by two turboshaft engines.

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