Michał Probierz couldn't stand it. It was about Jan Bednarek

Michał Probierz couldn't stand it.  It was about Jan Bednarek

The most frequently criticized player of the Polish national team recently is Jan Bednarek. Now Michał Probierz has spoken on his case.

The Polish national team advanced to Euro 2024 and emotions are slowly fading after the heroic fight against Wales that took place on Tuesday. There is a group of players who are praised by fans and journalists, but there are also players from whom more is demanded. The latter group includes Jan Bednarek, who still cannot transfer his good form from the club to the national team. Now Michał Probierz came to his defense.

Jan Bednarek's critics became active

A lot of negative opinions about Bednarek appeared even after the match against Wales, where one could actually get the impression that not all interventions were certain, but in the end Poland did not lose a goal. Michał Probierz spoke about his protégé in an interview with the Meczyki.pl portal. One could say that the coach was furious with the defender's critics.

– I understand the criticism towards Janek, but it cannot turn into rudeness. Because I think that we are really crossing a certain line regarding Janek and really, if we have already been promoted, let's also give this player some consolation and not make him a scapegoat – emphasized the coach.

Bartosz Salamon brought peace to the game

Unlike Bednarek, Bartosz Salamon was appreciated by fans and experts for his game against Wales. It was a footballer who usually plays for Lech Poznań who replaced Bednarek in the second half.

Touchstone explained that it was related to a health issue and the training staff did not want to risk aggravating the injury to the 27-year-old. Salamon, on the other hand, performed his tasks very well, competing brilliantly in duels with the Welsh.

Euro 2024 in Germany will start on June 14, and two days after the inauguration, the Polish team will play in the first group match. Their rival will be the Netherlands, and the clash will take place at the stadium in Hamburg.

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