Polish hackers broke into an American satellite. They got 30,000 for it. dollars

Polish hackers broke into an American satellite.  They got 30,000 for it.  dollars

Polish hackers showed off their skills again. They took second place in the Hack-a-Sat competition organized by the US Army. They received a solid reward for this.

Another edition of the unusual Hack-a-Sat competition has come to an end, in which teams of hackers from different countries have the task of hacking and taking partial control over one of the American military satellites. The competition is organized by the United States Air Force and Space Force.

Hackers broke into an American satellite

In the finals of the fourth edition of the competition, Poles fought again. The Poland Can Into Space team, which took second place in the first and second editions, and won in the third, this time stood on the podium again.

This year, the Poles faced teams from the USA, Great Britain, Italy and Germany. He finished in second place, which meant a prize of $30,000.

Competition on new rules

Interestingly, this year’s edition was the first time that teams actually hacked into a satellite in space. The goal was to take partial control of the US Space Force’s Moonlighter object, which has been in low Earth orbit since June this year.

Teams were tasked with getting a connection to the satellite, taking pictures of the Earth using the devices on board, and repelling attacks by other teams. Each task was carefully watched by the competition jury and scored. The organizers were impressed by the activities of the hacking teams. They even boasted on Twitter of photos that were taken during the competition.

Poles in second place

Poles from Poland Can Into Space failed to defend last year’s title, but took second place. This gave them a prize of $30,000. The Americans and the British from the team took third place jmp fs: (rcx), and the Italians from mHACKeroni stood on the top step of the podium.

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