Where can you buy the most square meters for an average salary?

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This may shock some people, but this year brought an improvement in the availability of apartments in three of the seven metropolises – Kraków, Wrocław and Gdańsk. Only in two – Łódź and Poznań – availability has deteriorated, while in the next two – in Warsaw and Katowice – it has not changed – notes Marek Wielgo, an expert at GetHome.pl.

What is common to all metropolises is that the average price per square meter of apartments available from developers has gone up this year, and only in Łódź and Poznań, which are this year’s leaders in price increases, have the average earnings increased less.

How many meters for the average salary?

Residents of Katowice had the greatest purchasing power on the housing market in April. For an average salary they could buy 0.72 square meters of a new apartment here. Traditionally, buyers of apartments in Warsaw were in the worst situation, where, despite averagely high salaries, they could only buy 0.57 square meters of apartment available from developer companies.

However, in Warsaw the choice was the largest: the offer of developers in the capital included over 12.1 thousand. premises. Next in terms of choice was Łódź (over 8.5 thousand apartments) and Poznań and Wrocław (approx. 7 thousand). The fewest apartments were offered by developers in Katowice (less than 3.7 thousand).

Unfortunately, prices were going up every month. Krakow developers no longer offer premises priced below PLN 10,000. PLN per square meter, in Warsaw their percentage decreased from 4%. up to 1 percent within five months, while in Wrocław – 14 percent. up to 4 percent Something different in Łódź: you can easily find apartments there, the price of which does not exceed PLN 9,000 per square meter. zloty.

The cheapest apartments offered by developers

We recently checked the cheapest apartments currently available from developers. It turns out that Łódź is unrivaled in terms of price. Atal is selling a studio apartment with an area of ​​29 sq m in Polesie for PLN 269,000. zloty. For a slightly larger apartment (33 sq m from Okam) you have to pay PLN 371,000. zloty.

In Poznań, we have a 26-meter studio apartment for sale for PLN 330,000. PLN (Robyg). In Naramowice, Poznań, Atal offers a 32 sq m apartment. for 372 thousand zloty. The same developer has a 27-meter studio apartment for sale in Gdańsk for PLN 362,000. PLN, and in Krakow for a premises with an area of ​​43 sq m you have to pay PLN 469,000. zloty. More information on this subject – in the text below.

The president of Dom Development made an interesting confession. He admitted that after very good sales at the beginning of the year, the company was out of breath.

– The year started very well. In the first months, demand and sales were high. Now we have a slowdown. It is not entirely clear what causes this. The market is certainly waiting to see what will happen with the announced “Mieszkanie na start” program, admitted Jarosław Szanajca, president of Dom Development, one of the largest development companies in the country, in an interview with the industry website PAP.

He argues that this slowdown is not a problem.

– Prices have probably stopped rising. With lower demand and sales volumes declared by companies, there is no room to raise prices, but we expected this, Szanajca said.

Could this be a signal of a price drop? We write more about it below.

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