Higher social pension for the few. This is what the proposal looks like

Higher social pension for the few.  This is what the proposal looks like

From next year, the social pension is to be increased by an allowance, so that the total amount of benefits is equal to the minimum wage – informs praw.pl. However, only a few will receive the allowance.

At the meeting of the parliamentary subcommittee, MPs introduced amendments to the citizens' bill on amending the Act on social pensions, which assume an increase in the amount of social pension to the minimum wage as of December 31, 2024 – reports praw.pl.

Higher social pension for the few

For this to happen, the pension is to be increased by a supplement that will be granted automatically. However, not everyone will receive it, only those unable to work and live independently. In their case, the increase in social pension from 2025 will amount to 100%.

What group are we talking about? The co-author of the amendments to the citizens' project to amend the Act on social pensions, Dr. Tomasz Lasocki from the University of Warsaw, estimates that only 1/3 of pensioners have been declared completely incapable of living independently. Thus, most disabled people will be excluded from the increase.

Who is social pension for?

A social pension is payable to people who are partially or completely unable to work. The right to it can be obtained by adults: over 18 years of age or women who got married after turning 16 years of age. A social pension may be granted permanently in the event of permanent incapacity for work or for a fixed period if the incapacity is temporary.

The ZUS medical examiner decides on the granting of the pension. Currently, it amounts to PLN 1,780.96 gross.

Minimum wage from July upwards

In 2024, the minimum wage will be increased twice, just like last year. The two increases are not an expression of generosity on the part of the government, but result from regulations. Article 3 of the Act of October 10, 2002 on minimum wages provides that when the price index forecast for the next year is at least 105%, two dates for changing the minimum wage and the minimum hourly rate are set: from January 1, and also from July 1. In 2022 and 2023, the forecast (and actual) inflation significantly exceeded the 5% mark, hence a double increase was necessary.

In July this year, it will increase to PLN 4,300 gross, i.e. by PLN 58 gross compared to the rates applicable from January.

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