She was hospitalized with kidney stones. It was necessary to amputate the limbs

She was hospitalized with kidney stones.  It was necessary to amputate the limbs

Lucinda Mullins’ story has spread around the world. The woman was taken to hospital with kidney stones. She woke up without arms and legs.

The Kentucky resident complained of severe pain. It turned out to be caused by kidney stones. Lucinda Mullins was taken to hospital with fever and nausea. What happened to the woman later is widely commented on in the media.

A 41-year-old nurse underwent surgery to break down kidney stones. Unfortunately, a sepsis infection occurred in the hospital. This is the body’s excessive response to an infection. This condition is directly life-threatening and, without prompt treatment, can lead to tissue damage, organ failure and even death. Therefore, doctors had to act immediately.

She underwent a routine procedure. The 41-year-old had all her limbs amputated

As The Washington Post explains, the drugs the 41-year-old received “restricted blood flow to the arteries in her legs and arms.” “After more than a week of treatment, doctors told Mullins that her key organs were healthy. But there was another problem: the tissue in her legs and forearms had died,” the daily writes.

– If it was necessary for me to survive, I was able to come to terms with it – says the woman. Last month, the 41-year-old had her legs amputated above the knee. At the end of January, the parts below the elbow will be amputated. She started physical therapy this week to prepare for the prosthesis.

Mehdi Shishehbor, president of the heart and vascular institute at a hospital in Ohio, interviewed by The Washington Post, said that kidney stone infections rarely lead to amputation. – Some patients manage to recover from sepsis using antibiotics – he added. According to the National Institute of Health, nearly 270,000 people die from sepsis each year in the United States. people.

Meanwhile, Mullins is struggling to regain some mobility and has begun therapy. As the Daily Mail argues, the woman maintains a good mood. “She can often be seen smiling, although she is wrapped in bandages and uses a wheelchair,” the portal reported. The 41-year-old can count on the support of close people and family.

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