“Farmers wake up society.” Kołodziejczak on farmers’ protests

"Farmers wake up society." Kołodziejczak on farmers' protests

Farmers are waking up society not only in Poland, but throughout the European Union. And this is a great thing they are doing – said Deputy Minister of Agriculture Michał Kołodziejczak on RMF FM, referring to today’s farmers’ protests.

On Friday, farmers will protest in over 250 places in Poland. This is part of the sector’s pan-European opposition to the European Union’s plans and decisions. Farmers plan to block all border crossings with Ukraine, as well as roads and highways throughout the country.

The reason for the protest – as Monika Przeworska, director of the Institute of Agricultural Economy, says in an interview with Money.pl – are primarily two issues. Opposition to the inflow of food from Ukraine and the requirements imposed on farmers as part of the European Green Deal.

– Farmers are taking to the streets because of two areas that make being a farmer a very difficult task. The first is the issue of trade between Ukraine and the European Union. As we all know, the EU has full competence to shape our customs policy – said Przeworska.

Kołodziejczak about farmers’ protests

The issue of farmers’ protests appeared in today’s interview with RMF FM by Michał Kołodziejczak. The deputy minister of agriculture said that he distinguishes between those who make correct demands, but he also sees “the political involvement of those who would like to disturb the government today.” – Some would like to demand more from those who ruled for 50 days than from those who ruled for 8 years – said the deputy head of the Ministry of Agriculture.

When asked about the approach to today’s protests, the RMF FM guest said that “farmers are waking up society not only in Poland, but throughout the European Union. And that’s the great thing they’re doing.” – The first farmers in Poland – 3-4 years ago – said that the Green Deal and the opening of the border with Ukraine would be the end for our agriculture. I have the same opinion – said Kolodziejczak.

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