Beata Szydło’s honest confession. “I am not following Morawiecki’s path”

Beata Szydło's honest confession.  "I am not following Morawiecki's path"

Beata Szydło commented on the growing speculations regarding Jarosław Kaczyński’s political retirement. In this context, Mateusz Morawiecki’s declaration was also recalled.

Beata Szydło analyzed the full election calendar on Radio Zet. – Now it’s time to build a new electoral strategy. (…) The election calendar is such that there will actually be a continuous campaign – said the MEP and added that the time had come to present a new proposal to the recipients. What should you base it on, what promise, what postulate? – We’ll see. I cannot reveal the ideas that are supposed to give us a chance to win the elections. We will surprise in the elections, in the campaign – concluded the former Prime Minister of the Polish government.

Who will succeed Kaczyński? Szydło: I am not following Morawiecki’s path

The MEP was also asked whether she intended to run for the position of president of Law and Justice if Jarosław Kaczyński retires from politics. – I am not following the path of Mateusz Morawiecki – said Beata Szydło with a laugh.

In this way, she referred to the recent statement of the former prime minister, who declared that he had political aspirations in this field. – I would like the president to be the head of PiS for as long as possible, to unite our camp, and then I would also like to take part in this honorable race, in this competition – said Mateusz Morawiecki openly.

Beata Szydło also emphasized that the topic of Jarosław Kaczyński’s political retirement is artificially generated. – At the moment, first of all, there is no discussion about the change of leadership in Law and Justice. Jarosław Kaczyński is our boss, he will lead us in the next elections, in the coming years, announced the MEP.

The latest survey. Morawiecki before Czarnek

In one of the surveys, Poles were asked who should succeed Jarosław Kaczyński as PiS president. Mateusz Morawiecki was in first place (14.2%). The former prime minister has a significant advantage over the following politicians: Przemysław Czarnek (7.3%), Mariusz Błaszczak (4.8%), Beata Szydło (3.8%) and Joachim Brudziński (1.5%). As much as 33.9 percent respondents chose the answer “someone else”.

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