A series of incidents on TVP. Jarosław Kaczyński intervenes on the spot. “There will be consequences”

Former BOR officer in charge of Jarosław Kaczyński's private security.  "We have become helpers"

The PiS president appeared as part of a parliamentary intervention at the TVP headquarters. – Those who committed such acts will face consequences – assured Jarosław Kaczyński.

On Saturday, a series of unusual incidents took place at the headquarters of Telewizja Polska at Powstańców Warszawy Square. Jarosław Kaczyński appeared on site late in the afternoon as part of a parliamentary intervention. The PiS president emphasized that he wanted “the law to be respected because it was broken in an extremely drastic way.” – So far, after 1989, there have been no such acts of breaking the law, at least so openly, argued the leader of the United Right.

Jarosław Kaczyński at the headquarters of TVP. “Mrthere will be consequences

He called the sweeping changes in public media “an incredible scandal.” – Those who committed such acts will face consequences – said the PiS president in an interview with Polsat News. Earlier, according to reports by Law and Justice MPs, a group of “mysterious men” was to appear on TVP. However, apparently even the police saw no reason to intervene, which was met with indignation by Jacek Ozdoba.

“They were ordered not to react. This is anarchization of law and irreversible legal consequences. It is an unprecedented situation when the PSL and PO government allows such extreme solutions,” said the PiS MP. An MP from the Civic Coalition also commented on the matter.

“What is this? Is MP Paweł Szrot impersonating a police officer? “Whoever, pretending to be a public official or taking advantage of the false belief of another person, performs an activity related to his function, shall be subject to a fine, restriction of liberty or imprisonment for up to one year” (Article 227 of the Penal Code),” wrote Michał Szczerba.

Meanwhile, PiS politicians do not give up being on duty in TVP and PAP buildings, even during holidays. – We will be here until the intervention is necessary – said Szymon Szynkowski aka Sęk in an interview with “Fakt”.

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