Are you laughing at “lan estates”? “People have their own happiness, it's not worth destroying it”

Are you laughing at "lan estates"?  "People have their own happiness, it's not worth destroying it"

Settlements of terraced houses, called “lanowe”, arouse extreme, usually critical emotions. The media circulated photos taken with a drone, the view from which may actually discourage buyers. The estate looks terrible. However, there are reasons why developers build such housing estates and there are reasons why people buy such houses. As always, it's about money. The former want to earn as much as possible, the latter want to spend as little as possible. There's nothing strange or wrong with that.

The view from above shows several rows of identical white and gray buildings separated by garages. The rows are so long that it gives the impression that the estate has no end. The photos became a hit on the Internet, and the town near Ożarów Mazowiecki with the not very prestigious, even funny name Kręki Kaputy, will go down in the history of Polish urban planning. Just like the housing estate in Nowa Wola, which had 5 pages in a widely read weekly opinion magazine.

To increase their prestige, the investments take on grotesquely exclusive names: Villa Campina, Lake Village.

The largest Polish media recently devoted the so-called estates, extensive materials with elements of reportage in the style of a site visit. They include the voice of experts.

The common name: lanowe estates comes from the fields of grain surrounding the investments. You can also find rapeseed, cabbage and other agricultural produce grown here. But there are also meadows full of cornflowers, cornflowers and poppies – they are expertly described by the media and continue to list all the shortcomings of the investment.

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