A dietitian tells you what is the biggest mistake when losing weight. This is how most people ruin the effects of the diet

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Are you losing weight, your diet is full of sacrifices, and yet you don't see any results? A famous dietitian cites the biggest mistake that many people make when fighting unwanted kilograms.

It happens that we try to lose weight, but we do not lose the kilograms. This may be caused by various types of diseases, but in the case of healthy people it is often simply inappropriate weight loss. By avoiding common mistakes, your weight loss will become much simpler, but above all, more effective. Remember also that when fighting extra kilos, in addition to proper nutrition, regular physical activity is very important, but also hydration of the body.

What is the biggest mistake on a diet?

Michał Wrzosek, a doctor of dietetics, published a video on his Instagram profile in which he noticed that most people who start losing weight think that they have to eat specific products and also give up everything they ate before. It turns out that effective weight loss is not about that.

“I'm on a diet and I don't eat bread” are probably some of the most common words I hear from people who are trying to lose weight. Many people, when trying to lose weight, start with things that are not really important in losing weight. They eliminate individual products, such as bread, pasta or carbohydrates. They start eating five meals a day, as if it were the most important thing, or do they make sure to eat perfectly every three hours with a watch in their hand – noted the specialist.

What is important when losing weight?

The expert emphasized that the above-mentioned rules are very unimportant when losing weight. “The most important thing is the amount of calories consumed. Because you need to be in an energy deficit, i.e. eat fewer calories than you burn during the day. And not just for one day, because consistency in diet is the most important thing,” said the dietitian.

The expert added that the amount of protein and dietary fiber, the general distribution of macronutrients and that the diet is well-balanced, i.e. contains all the necessary vitamins and minerals, are also important. “Therefore, of course, the quality of food is also very important,” concluded the expert. Be sure to check out the proven ways to lose weight.

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