McDonald’s is bringing back the popular sandwich. She was previously defeated by the coronavirus

McDonald's is bringing back the popular sandwich.  She was previously defeated by the coronavirus

The four-cutlet sandwich will return to McDonald’s in the United States. It went on sale for the first time four years ago, at the worst moment for the gastronomy industry.

On January 24, the McDonald’s chain in the United States brings back the Double Big Mac (four patties instead of two) – a sandwich that sold well, but since it went on sale in the spring of 2020, moments before the pandemic was limited, it had no chance to gain greater popularity. . McDona;d’s recently announced through CEO Chris Kempczinski that the fast food will meet the expectations of customers who want to have a larger selection of large burgers.

In the US, McDonald’s burgers have become something of a measure of inflation: the size of the sandwiches remains unchanged, while the price increases. Therefore, the chain is working on new products that will not cost much (but will be more expensive), and at the same time will give customers the feeling that they are spending their money rationally.

In the past, McDonald’s has sold different versions of the Big Mac. In 2017 and 2018, the Grand Mac and Mac Jr. were sold. Although the Grand Mac still contained two patties, they were larger than those in a regular Big Mac.

Special coupons from McDoland’s for Multikino customers

A few days ago we wrote about a new promotional campaign addressed to Multikino customers. Currently, it has 45 cinemas in 37 Polish cities. Viewers of the well-known cinema chain can count on special prices for McDonald’s fast food. Together with their ticket, they now receive discount coupons for McDoland’s. They can be used between January 8 and March 3.

What do you need to know about this promotion? The offer included not only sandwiches, but also drinks. For example, a large black or milk coffee is available for only PLN 6 – the normal price is PLN 10.90. A similar discount applies to fries – we will pay PLN 5 instead of PLN 9.50.

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