New Supervisory Board of PGE. Kaczyński’s friend loses her position

New Supervisory Board of PGE.  Kaczyński's friend loses her position

Janina Goss, one of Jarosław Kaczyński’s most trusted people, whom the PiS president sent wherever he needed strict control, lost her job at PGE.

The Extraordinary General Meeting of Polska Grupa Energetyczna elected a new Supervisory Board of the company with State Treasury participation. Janina Goss, who has been known for years mainly for her friendship with Jarosław Kaczyński, will disappear from the management board. The “grey eminence” of PiS appeared wherever the party president wanted to have his trusted person.

From NBP to PGE

The State Treasury presented seven candidates for the new Supervisory Board. They were: Elżbieta Niebisz, prof. Eryk Kosiński, Małgorzata Banasik, Dr. Andrzej Rzońca, Dr. Sławomir Patyra, Andrzej Sadkowski and Andrzej Kozyra. The most recognizable face from the presented group is Dr. Andrzej Rzońca. Currently, he is the head of the Department of International Comparative Studies at the Warsaw School of Economics, but this is not what made him recognizable.

Rzońca was a member of the Monetary Policy Council in 2010-2016. Previously, he worked for years at the National Bank of Poland as, among others, Head of the Department of International Comparative Studies in the Foreign Department of the National Bank of Poland. From 2004, he also served as an advisor to the president of the National Bank of Poland. The remaining candidates are lawyers and people with many years of experience in energy companies and the broadly understood energy sector.

Broom in Orlen

An extraordinary general meeting of the Orlen Supervisory Board was also convened for February 6. The agenda was supplemented with changes in the company’s supervisory board, the company from Płock announced in a statement. This may result in the dismissal of president Daniel Obajtek.

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