Are you lacking motivation? Take out a loan

Are you lacking motivation?  Take out a loan

The topic of motivation appears in the media every now and then in a new version. How to look for motivation, how to stimulate it, how to find it, how to motivate it, where to get it.

We talk about motivation as if it were some magical treasure that can be dug up if only we were given a map and the right shovel. In fact, very often we do not lack motivation as such, but the strength to perform everyday activities.

As a business trainer, I have quite a lot of theories in the back of my mind about motivation, from the fluffy ones to aggressive verbal motivation that borders on mobbing.

Theories of motivation are evolving. What was created 40 years ago may already be a few percent current, because the way we work and function is changing. What motivated the boomers is no longer even an argument for Gen Z to move. Are we able to generate a little more dopamine in ourselves, so that we simply want to do it more?

Variety of motivation theories

What appeals to me quite strongly is Atkinson's theory, and to flatten it into one sentence: if you start doing something whose effect can make you feel proud, you will be more willing to finish it.

Maybe this is why, with such a sense of responsibility, parents take their children to various extracurricular activities, often giving up their own pleasures and passions?

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