Children became infected with salmonella through dog food. One infant was taken to hospital

Children became infected with salmonella through dog food.  One infant was taken to hospital

The salmonella infection epidemic was caused by dog ​​food. There are seven cases in seven US states, and most of them involve infants. The authorities have issued an important appeal to dog owners.

It was mainly small children who became ill – according to the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the cause of salmonella infections is dog food. The FDA has decided to recall Victor Hi-Pro Plus dry dog ​​food due to what it said was an outbreak. Several other brands of dry dog ​​and cat food sold by manufacturer Hi-Pro Plus and Mid America Pet Food have also been recalled by the FDA.

How did children become infected with salmonella?

Poisoning occurred mainly in infants, and one case resulted in hospitalization. Everything indicates that the children either ate salmonella-contaminated dog food or came into contact with pet bowls containing the food. Infection could also occur through contact with saliva or feces of animals that ate the food.

As the American services emphasize, salmonellosis may be particularly dangerous for infants whose immune systems are still developing. Therefore, an appeal was made to dog owners not only to throw away the recalled food if they have it at home, but also to pack it in tight bags and thoroughly clean all bowls and surfaces that may have come into contact with the food.

What are the symptoms of salmonella infection?

Salmonellosis develops within 6 to 72 hours of contact with the bacteria and usually lasts 3-7 days. It often goes away on its own, but if after 72 hours we do not notice any improvement in our well-being and the symptoms do not subside or even become less severe, we should see a doctor. The most common symptoms of salmonella infection are:

  • intense vomiting,

  • stomachache,

  • intestinal cramps,

  • headache,

  • watery stools with blood or mucus,

  • fever,

  • diarrhea.

In extreme cases, salmonella poisoning can even lead to death.

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