Assets of the new health minister. I don’t have an apartment or a loan

Assets of the new health minister.  I don't have an apartment or a loan

The new health minister does not have an apartment, a car or a loan, according to her financial declaration, which was checked by the portal. It has two plots of land and considerable savings.

Katarzyna Sójka will replace Adam Niedzielski as Minister of Health, whose resignation was accepted by Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki on Tuesday. The portal checked the asset declaration of the new minister. It turns out to be surprisingly modest.

Katarzyna Sojka’s estate

According to the statement, the new head of the Ministry of Health does not have an apartment, a car or a loan. He owns two plots worth a total of $120,000. zlotys. She bought one of them in 2017 from the State Forests. She was not yet an MP at that time, she was elected to the Sejm only in 2019.

By profession, Katarzyna Sójka is a doctor, a specialist in internal medicine. According to the statement, she is employed in two medical facilities, but does not show any income on this account.

Niedzielski’s resignation

On Tuesday, Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki announced that he had accepted Adam Niedzielski’s resignation as Minister of Health. The politician has been under fire since the weekend after he revealed that the medic had written himself a prescription for psychotropic or painkillers.

Adam Niedzielski will be replaced by Katarzyna Sójka, who is a member of the health committee. – I am convinced that entrusting this function to Katarzyna Sójka is a good decision. Today, the deputy is well prepared for this role, she is a doctor, an internist, highly valued by patients, stressed the head of the government.

Who is Katarzyna Sojka?

Katarzyna Sójka has a higher education. She graduated from the Medical University in Poznań. He is a doctor by profession, a specialist in internal medicine. She worked in hospitals in Ostrów Wielkopolski, where she was born, and in Kępno. She also worked in clinics in Mikstat and Ostrzeszów.

Katarzyna Sójka is also an engineer-forester. She graduated from the Poznań University of Life Sciences. Privately, he has three children. In 2018, starting from the lists of Law and Justice, she was elected a councilor of the Ostrzeszów poviat, where she became vice-president.

A year later, Katarzyna Sójka took part in the elections to the Sejm. She obtained a mandate starting from the 10th position in the Kalisz district. 15,860 people voted for it. During the current term of office, he has made 24 speeches at sessions of the Sejm. Katarzyna Sójka submitted 25 interpellations, two questions and eight questions on current matters, which were put into motion. As for the health committee, in 2022 it submitted only five interpellations.

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