Starlinks flew into space. An extraordinary spectacle also in the Polish sky

Starlinks flew into space.  An extraordinary spectacle also in the Polish sky

An unusual space train will appear in the sky for the first time in several months. All thanks to the Starlink satellites, which went into space on January 19.

After a few months, you will be able to see an unusual phenomenon in the sky again. The series of 49 satellites, numbered G4-6, was launched by SpaceX on January 19.

Starlinki – when over Poland?

Karol Wójcicki emphasizes that Starlinks create an extraordinary spectacle in the sky – especially when, shortly after launch, the satellites are still close to each other, creating the so-called space train. We will be able to observe just such a phenomenon on June 20, also in the Polish sky.

The astronomer emphasizes that due to the relatively low altitude, the flights will be visible in various places in our country. Residents of southwestern Poland will have the best observation conditions, because this time the space train will fly southwest of Poland’s borders. The further towards the center and then north-east, the lower the flight will be visible above the horizon.

Those interested in seeing Starlinks over Poland should look out around 5:56 p.m.

Starlink – what is it?

Karol Wójcicki, author of Z Head in the Stars, explains that Starlink is a satellite megaconstellation being created in Earth’s orbit. Thanks to it, Elon Musk wants to realize his great vision: to place approximately 12,000 satellites that will be able to provide super-fast Internet to any place on our planet, regardless of terrestrial infrastructure.

Fans of the space Internet can now also receive it in Poland. However, you need to be prepared for a large expense. The subscription fee for the cosmic Internet is an equally cosmic amount. To use Elon Musk’s service, you will have to pay as much as PLN 449 per month.

To receive the service sent by satellite constellations, you need equipment similar to that which was once mass-mounted on houses and apartment blocks and used to receive satellite television. For a small “plate” and the rest of the necessary equipment, you should pay PLN 2,269… plus shipping of PLN 276.

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