Another collapse on the right. Ociepa's resignation was to be kept secret

Another collapse on the right.  Ociepa's resignation was to be kept secret

There was a serious dispute between PiS and the OdNowa association before the local elections. This is about the arrangement of lists in local government elections.

The last few days have been full of tensions in the United Right. First, MEP Patryk Jaki accused former Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki and President Andrzej Duda of political mistakes, then Michał Dworczyk called the politicians of Sovereign Poland “a kind of parasitic system.”

–They play on themselves. This harms the entire environment – said the former head of the Chancellery of the Prime Minister in RMF FM.

Tension over elections. Marcin Ociepa resigns from his position

However, this is not the end of personal animosities on the opposition side. On Wednesday, reported that former deputy head of the Ministry of National Defence, Marcin Ociepa (head of OdNowa, a faction in the PiS club) resigned from the position of deputy head of the Law and Justice club in the Sejm.

The reason was that OdNowa politicians were not included on PiS lists in the upcoming local government elections. The news was to be kept secret so as not to harm the party before the elections. This is why the outdated information about the vice-chairman of the PiS club has not disappeared from the Sejm website.

According to the portal, Ociepa wrote a letter to the head of the PiS club, Mariusz Błaszczak, that the party did not keep its word regarding the list layout. Jarosław Kaczyński also received the letter directly.

One of the founders of the OdNowa association, Wojciech Murdzek (former deputy minister and for several months minister of science and higher education), was not on the list in Lower Silesia. In other places, OdNowa politicians received lower places on the lists than promised, or they did not get them at all. PiS politicians unofficially said that local barons often did whatever they wanted, but the fact is that the party did not meet the expectations of the “Ociepists”. Such a decision may have far-reaching political consequences.

“The tone of this letter shows that OdNowa's further cooperation with Nowogrodzka depends on the reaction of the PiS authorities,” said one PiS politician anonymously. This means that OdNowa MPs may break away from the PiS parliamentary club and create a separate group.

Marcin Ociepa did not answer's questions on this matter.

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