Kadyrov’s philandering towards Putin has gone beyond limits. “Only One Candidate”

Kadyrov's philandering towards Putin has gone beyond limits.  "Only One Candidate"

On the day when Vladimir Putin celebrated his 71st birthday, Ramzan Kadyrov came out with an unexpected proposal. – We have no one else who can protect our country today – said the Chechen leader.

Presidential elections are to be held in Russia in March 2024. Ramzan Kadyrov proposed to field only one candidate or to postpone the vote.

– I suggest that while a special military operation (a term created by Russian propaganda to describe the war in Ukraine – ed.) is underway, we unanimously approve the decision that we will have only one candidate during the elections: Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, he said. – Or postpone the elections because we have no one else to protect our country today – added the Chechen leader.

Kadyrov with a surprising “gift” for Putin. The declaration of elections was made

This statement was made in special circumstances – during a rally in Grozny, which was organized on the occasion of Vladimir Putin’s 71st birthday. One more conclusion can be drawn from Ramzan Kadyrov’s words: he assumes that the war in Ukraine will be prolonged and may last at least another half a year.

Anton Herashchenko dedicated one of his last entries on the X website (formerly Twitter) to Vladimir Putin. “Did Putin think, when he invaded Ukraine, that it would be his last war? Of course not. He had a completely different plan. But this war has already become the last for many in Russia, for example Prigozhin. And I am sure that it will become Putin’s last war,” wrote an adviser to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine.

“Basically, Putin has already lost. In fact, he is already dead. Now his regime is in agony and trying to drag down as many people as possible. Only one question remains: how quickly and at what price Putin will be removed from power,” he continued in the post. Anton Herashchenko, on behalf of Ukraine, also demanded that allies continue to support the country so that Ukraine can win the war and “irreversibly weaken Putin’s regime.”

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