Another city will change its authorities. Zakopane joins Krakow and Gdynia

Another city will change its authorities.  Zakopane joins Krakow and Gdynia

Zakopane will have a new mayor. It is not known who – Filipowicz or Nowak-Gąsienica. 647 votes decided who would enter the second round.

The last change of government in Zakopane took place in 2014. Then Leszek Dorula became mayor. In the elections, he defeated Janusz Majchr, who had been in power since 2006. A few weeks ago he decided not to fight for re-election.

Dorula explained the decision by health problems. – My wife gave me a grounding to continue working as mayor. I have to return to family life, he said.

The former mayor supported Nowak-Gąsienica

Dorula supported Agnieszka Nowak-Gąsienica, his current deputy and non-party candidate of Law and Justice. – I would like the current policy in the Tatra Mountains to be continued – he explained.

Nowak-Gąsienica was also supported by the current chairman of the Zakopane city council, Jan Gluc. He himself was re-elected to the council, and was previously mentioned as one of the potential candidates for mayor.

The support seems to have worked. The Law and Justice candidate entered the second round, obtaining 3,575 votes. This translated into 34.52 percent. support.

Filipowicz won the first round

However, she was overtaken in the fight for the mayor's seat by Łukasz Filipowicz, a local entrepreneur from the tourism industry and former councilor of Zakopane. He served on the council in the penultimate term. He was its vice-chairman. Then, in 2014, he ran for mayor for the first time. He won less than 20 percent then. votes.

This time Filipowicz did much better. He won, although he has to defend his victory in the second round. The candidate of the Przyjazne Zakopane committee won 3,852 votes – 37.2%.

Who will Koperski support in the second round?

Apart from Filipowicz and Nowak-Gąsienica, there was one more candidate fighting for the municipal office – Mariusz Koperski, put forward by the Dla Podhala committee. He missed the second round by 647 votes. He won 28.28 percent.

Who Koperski supports may be crucial in the second round. Although the person concerned has not yet commented on the matter, his political connotations – he was supported by the Civic Platform in the elections – may indicate that he will support Filipowicz's candidacy or even against Nowak-Gąsienica's candidacy.

The final clash between Filipowicz and Nowak-Gąsienica will take place in less than two weeks. The second round of local government elections is scheduled for Sunday, April 21.

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