An unusual “dementia village” in Europe. All residents suffer from the same disease

An unusual "dementia village" in Europe.  All residents suffer from the same disease

There is no shortage of unusual places in the world. One of them is definitely the so-called a dementia village that is located near a famous European city. It has unique inhabitants.

Near the Dutch city of Amsterdam there is De Hogeweyk, i.e. the so-called dementia village. It mainly includes people who suffer from memory loss. It is not only an interesting, but also a very necessary point on the world map.

People suffering from serious ailments do not have an easy life. The situation is made more difficult by older age and lack of relatives to care for. Fortunately, there are special places, such as De Hogeweyk, that allow you to overcome unpleasant symptoms in a quite pleasant way. It is also similar, among others: the restaurant we once mentioned where the waiters have dementia.

“Dementia village” in Europe. It's an extraordinary place

De Hogeweyk is a Dutch model village with a very secure fence. It is created especially for people who have problems with remembering. Such a place allows them to feel safe, and at the same time gives them a taste of classic life in a mini-city, instead of in a strict closed center with a garden.

This point can be found in the city of Weesp in the Netherlands. It is located in the north-west of the country, only 20 km from Amsterdam. About 17,000 people live there. people, including many with dementia. We are talking about a disease that leads to a progressive decline in mental performance and weakening of cognitive functions. Makes it difficult to remember, think or understand certain things. It usually affects people over 65 years of age and has no chance of recovery.

This is what the so-called dementia village

The village of De Hogeweyk in Weesp makes people with the disease feel like respected members of an important community. Everything there looks just like in an ordinary town. Residents have access to public greenery, fountains, a park, a shopping center, a cafe, a restaurant, a hairdresser, a theater and numerous shops. Of course, there is no shortage of specialized medical care.

In the “dementia village”, life moves at a slow pace, and residents do not have to be afraid that someone will be incomprehensible to them or will try to take advantage of their disease to, for example, extort money. “When someone takes something in our supermarket without paying, it is not a problem. The seller contacts the person's guardian and tells him what the patient took,” this is how the village manager reported the situation in an interview with Deutsche Welle.

To get there, you need to use a unique and special entrance that is monitored. If the inhabitants of De Hogeweyk want to go outside the area, they also have the opportunity to do so, but with an assistant. It is worth adding that there are many more such places in the world – the “Alzheimer's village” can also be found, among others, in: in the French city of Dax.

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