Solid Vein, unlucky Destroyer. Jumpers in mixed moods in Oslo

Solid Vein, unlucky Destroyer.  Jumpers in mixed moods in Oslo

Behind the jumpers is the prologue in Oslo and the beginning of the competition in RawAir. The first Holmenkollkbakken competition of the season was won by Stefan Kraft. Piotr Żyła was the best among Poles.

Jumping in Norway has been associated with the RawAir series for years. Although theoretically everything is still limited to who will jump the furthest, the confusion in the regulations makes it clear that a possible stumble in the first part of the cycle may be painful not only for the entire competition in it, but also in the World Cup. Example? In Saturday's competition in Oslo, the competitors started in the order consistent with the Raw Air classification, not the World Cup classification. The first “real” competition at the famous facility was won by Stefan Kraft.

Poor performance by Aleksander Zniszczoł

Due to the regulations of the series, Polish fans had to get used to a slightly changed starting order. Additionally, the lack of a trial series (poor weather conditions) also worked to their disadvantage. Maciej Kot was the first Pole to jump. A jump of 120 m gave him a high position at the beginning, but over time he fell in the classification. Piotr Żyła flew a few meters away (125 m). Kamil Stoch landed even further. The three-time Olympic champion jumped 128 m. Initially, he could not be sure of advancing, but he benefited, among others, from the bad luck of Dawid Kubacki, who wasted his chance for a good result with a jump of 114 m.

Before Aleksander Zniszczoł became the last Pole to make his jump, Piotr Żyła secured promotion to the second series. When it finally came time for the 30-year-old from Cieszyn, he couldn't cope at all. He jumped 113 meters, which meant that he could not count not only on advancing to the second series, but also on a high position in the Raw Air classification. Ultimately, three Polish players made it to the second series. Maciej Kot joined Stoch (10th place) and Żyła (20th place) at the last minute. After the first jumps, Stefan Kraft was leading

Piotr Żyła was promoted after a good try

Quickly after the start of the second series, a Cat appeared on the beam. The Pole jumped 108 meters, which meant he fell behind Constantin Schmid, who started ahead of him. A few minutes later it was time for Żyła. Wiewiór jumped to a distance of 125 meters, which gave him the lead at that time. Due to weaker attempts of his rivals, he could count on improving his final position over time. Kamil Stoch was the last member of the White and Reds to jump. After 10th place after the first series, the competitor was eager to stay at the forefront. However, the distance of 121.5 m brought him down several places. Ultimately, Maciej Kot finished the competition in 30th place, Kamil Stoch in 16th place, and Piotr Żyła in 12th place. The leader after the first series – Kraft – won. The Austrian defeated Kristoffer Eriksen Sundal and Jan Hoerl.

The jumpers will continue to jump in Oslo

The ski jumpers' competition continues on Sunday. Another prologue from the Raw Air series is scheduled for 1:00 p.m. The next individual competition will start at 2:20 p.m.

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