The tourists spent 38 days in prison. A suitcase containing drugs was planted on them at the airport

The tourists spent 38 days in prison.  A suitcase containing drugs was planted on them at the airport

An international gang with airport employees took part in the criminal operation. Wrongfully accused women were released.

We at have already informed about airport staff who carefully robbed passengers of their belongings left in their suitcases. Employees at the airport in São Paulo, Brazil, took fraud to a higher level by replacing the tag on one of the checked suitcases. A Brazilian tourist couple was shocked when 43 kilograms of cocaine were found in their luggage. Even though he was not one of them, they did not escape punishment.

Kátyna and Jeanne were arrested for drug trafficking

This was not the start of their European vacation expected by 40-year-old women living in Brazil who were arrested shortly after landing at Frankfurt airport. As it turned out, airport employees in Brazil, involved in the activities of an international smuggling gang, changed the tag on one of the suitcases containing 43 kg of cocaine with a market value of almost PLN 2 million. After detecting drugs in the suspicious luggage, the tourists were quickly located and arrested based on the information written on the tag. Despite the explanations, the officers were sure that the seized luggage belonged to the women traveling.

38 days in prison for being innocent

It took over five weeks to prove the innocence of the pair of women. “An investigation by Brazilian police later revealed that women living in Brazil were victims of an international gang that placed innocent travelers’ luggage tags on bags of drugs,” reports

Monitoring captured airport employees who took part in the exchange of tags. It is not known whether the registered persons actually cooperated with the airport or merely disguised themselves as staff. “The whole experience was a huge shock for us and our families. We still haven’t fully recovered,” Jeanne said.

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