New information on Ziobro’s health condition. Wójcik passed on the appeal

New information on Ziobro's health condition.  Wójcik passed on the appeal

Michał Wójcik announced that Zbigniew Ziobro is undergoing chemotherapy. – He asked me to tell everyone who notices symptoms that may indicate cancer not to underestimate the symptoms – added Wójcik.

Former Minister of Justice and Prosecutor General Zbigniew Ziobro has not appeared in the Sejm for two months. He was last there on November 29.

Ziobro suffers from a malignant tumor

It turned out to be the result of very serious health problems. The leader of Sovereign Poland was diagnosed with malignant esophageal cancer. Unfortunately, the disease is in an advanced stage.

– The boss consulted this situation in several oncology centers. He decided to undergo immediate radical therapy as the only way to save his life – said MP Patryk Jaki before Christmas.

Wójcik made an appeal: Do not underestimate the symptoms

On Wednesday, January 31, new information about Ziobro’s health condition was provided by former Deputy Minister of Justice Michał Wójcik. In an interview with “Super Express” he revealed that Ziobro is currently undergoing chemotherapy.

– I know that mentally he feels very good. Zbigniew Ziobro asked me to tell everyone who observes symptoms that may indicate cancer not to underestimate the symptoms, sometimes even those they do not pay attention to. Because that’s what happened in his case, said Wójcik.

Ziobro had hoarseness. “It was just a symptom of the disease”

He emphasized that Ziobro had been struggling with hoarseness for years, but he wrongly assumed it was a symptom of allergies. Wójcik reminded that detecting cancer at an early stage is crucial for effective treatment.

– I remember it. Zbyszek went to various doctors. And only then did it become clear what was wrong with him. Because we know that when you work in the ministry for years, you simply put all these things aside. There was always something more important. (…) The disease was detected in an advanced stage. And it only turned out that all the hoarseness, about which the minister was brazenly attacked by his opponents, was exactly a symptom of cancer. (…) We pray for Zbyszek’s health – added the MP from Sovereign Poland.

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