Trzaskowski: There is no rich Poland without EU membership

Trzaskowski: There is no rich Poland without EU membership

Rafał Trzaskowski continues to tour the country as part of the election campaign. On September 22, he met with the residents of Szczecin. He spoke, among others: on economic issues.

The Civic Coalition continues its election campaign. Its main faces are the chairman of the Civic Platform, Donald Tusk, and its vice-chairman and president of Warsaw, Rafał Trzaskowski. They both meet with residents of other towns every day. The latter was in Szczecin today.

Trzaskowski on Poland’s role in the European Union

One of the points of the President of Warsaw’s speech were security issues. This is a response to the election slogan of Law and Justice. The ruling party is trying to convince Poles to vote on security and defense issues.

– There is no safe Poland without the European Union and a strong NATO. There is no rich Poland without our EU membership, but not somewhere on the margins, but one that influences reality and is supported by billions from the EU budget. This is what we promise you – said Rafał Trzaskowski in Szczecin.

Trzaskowski appeals for less emotions

The deputy chairman of the Civic Platform also drew attention to the form of conducting the election campaign. In his opinion, there is too much emotion and aggression in it. The mayor of Warsaw has repeatedly spoken about targeting political opponents from the ruling party. He also pointed out that KO presented very specific points that are intended to show the direction of action after taking power.

– If you look at these hundred points (100 specifics presented by KO – editor’s note), there is no attack on anyone else. There are solutions to help us deal with education, to make it as modern as possible, so that our entrepreneurs can develop, so that we can create modern jobs. There are recipes on how to prevent inflation and high prices. Recipes for the future – said Rafał Trzaskowski.

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