E-mail to the Polish Radio team. “We came here to rebuild and strengthen.”

E-mail to the Polish Radio team.  “We came here to rebuild and strengthen.”

“Wirtualne Media” reports that the new management of Polish Radio is trying to calm down the mood among its subordinates. “We came here to rebuild and strengthen. (…) We invite you to cooperate,” we read in an e-mail sent to the radio station team.

On December 27, the Minister of Culture and National Heritage, Bartłomiej Sienkiewicz, issued a decision to liquidate public media, i.e. Polish Television, Polish Radio and the Polish Press Agency.

Majcher is the new president of Polish Radio

Going into liquidation does not mean ceasing their operations. According to the Commercial Companies Code, placing a company into liquidation means that the management board is replaced by a liquidator who has all the competences of the existing authorities and can, for example, carry out restructuring.

A week earlier, Sienkiewicz dismissed the current authorities of the public media and replaced them with his nominees. Paweł Majcher became the new president of Polish Radio, and Juliusz Kaszyński became the vice-president.

New PR management: We invite you to cooperate

The “Wirtualne Media” portal revealed the changes introduced by the new management of the station. Shortly after taking up their positions, Majcher and Kaszyński sent a message to all employees of Polish Radio, using which they tried to calm down the mood.

They announced that they do not plan mass layoffs and “invite you to cooperate.” They emphasized that the decision of the head of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage “does not change anything from the point of view of everyday radio broadcasting.”

“We came here to rebuild and strengthen. (…) We know the reality in the company and we are aware that many professionals still work here. We want to benefit from your knowledge and experience. We also know what has been happening on the Radio in recent years. Both you and we are aware that these were the result of political decisions and were in direct contradiction to the principles of objective journalism. Our goal is to end such practices. We want Polskie Radio to be a model of journalistic professionalism and objectivity again,” we read in the e-mail, the content of which was revealed by “Wirtualne Media”.

“The difference in communication is dramatic”

The portal obtained anonymous comments from Polish Radio journalists. They show that changes in communication between management and subordinates were met with a positive reaction.

– The first reports are reassuring. I see from conversations with other employees that the difference in communication between the current authorities, the liquidator and the previous authorities of Polskie Radio is diametrical and to the advantage of the current team. President Kamińska (Majcher’s direct predecessor – ed.) practically did not communicate by e-mail at all. After (…) the company was put into liquidation, it was immediately explained to us what the purpose of this was – commented one of the radio station’s employees.

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